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Applying for research funding – is it worth it? Part II – Costs and Benefits

A version of this article first appeared in Funding Insight on 9th March 2018 and is reproduced with kind permission of Research Professional. For more articles like this, visit My previous post posed a question about whether applying for … Continue reading

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The rise of the machines – automation and the future of research development

In the wake of this week’s Association of Research Managers and Administrator‘s conference in Birmingham, Research Professional has published an interesting article by Richard Bond, head of research administration at the University of the West of England. The article – … Continue reading

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The consequences of Open Access: Part 1: Is anyone thinking about the “lay” reader?

The thorny issue of “open access” – which I take to mean the question of how to make the fruits of publicly-funded research freely and openly available to the public – is one that’s way above my pay grade and … Continue reading

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Resourse list for academics new to social media

This week I was asked to be involved in a Research Grant application ‘bootcamp’ to talk in particular about the use of social media in pathways to impact plans, and academic blogging in general.  I was quick to disclaim expertise … Continue reading

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How can we help researchers get responses for web questionnaires?

I’ve had an idea, and I’d like you, the internet, to tell me if it’s a good one or not.  Or how it might be made into a good one. Would it be useful to set up a central list/blog/twitter … Continue reading

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Costs of interview transcription: Take a letter, Miss Jones….

Quick post on something other than the ESRC, for a change….. Transcription is a major category of expense for social science research projects, and I’ve been wondering for some time whether it’s possible to make cost savings without sacrificing accuracy, … Continue reading

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