Season’s greetings to both my readers….

The build-up to Christmas tends to be a funny time at universities.  Well, I say ‘build up’, but it’s more of a ‘fade out’ as people slope off a few at a time on annual leave.  We do very well in leave terms over Christmas because of ‘university holidays’, and I’m grateful for that.  I get quite annoyed by the way that the sales and other commercial stuff seems to start up again straight away.  Can’t we all have a bit of a break over Christmas?

Apropos of very little, and without even the flimsiest of justifications, here’s my favourite Christmas song… ‘It’s Clichéd to be Cynical at Christmas’ by the incomparable ‘Half Man Half Biscuit’.

Best wishes to you and yours for the festive season…..



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2 Responses to Season’s greetings to both my readers….

  1. And a happy Christmas to you too

  2. Jo VanEvery says:

    Have a joyful and relaxing holiday.

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